Blue Dot Love.

Wow. What a crazy year. I’ve mentioned my health stuff, which is thankfully on the mend. Apart from the that, I’ve been putting myself out there, both musically and in search of a new day gig that doesn’t involve the thankless insanity of food service production. On both fronts, I’ve experienced more rejection than ever before. Some folks say that the more one is rejected, the thicker one’s skin tends to get. Not with me, and I’m glad for that. I want to remain vulnerable and open. For all the rejection that I’ve received in these last months, I’ve had some experiences that go far deeper and are far more rewarding than the denials. My family is wonderful, Ava is thriving and an amazing companion. ADub is doing wonderful things in her vocation of all things Doulariffic. My music is happening. I recently shared a new tune with some people in the community who were the subject matter of the tune and they were moved to tears. This is the stuff. It makes me feel kind of foolish when I weigh this kind of connection with the narcissistic elements that myself and every other artist I know are prone to, and how unimportant, though understandable, these elements are. Personal evolution is not always easy. I am grateful for my community and my yoga practice, both of which have been crucial in assisting my growth. And, of course, for the great gift of music. I always, as many of us do, thought my life would look very different at this point in the show. It’s great to be waking to the fullness of what is, rather than lamenting what is not.

Life is on a slowburn and it’s getting brighter all the time. May we all find ourselves closer to the good stuff…

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