Be Yo’self.

I was out all day suit shopping for a wedding next weekend. Started with ADub at 9:30 this morn. Found something decent at the Bay, but had to exhaust all possibilities. Wound up at a few places, Tom’s in Kensington and Korry’s on the Danforth being among them. These respective experiences were very different. John, the salescat at Tom’s was down to earth, respectful, looked me in the eye, was accommodating to my very tight budget annnnd found me a kickass suit without me even having to look around. Alas, it was a wee bit beyond the budget so I carried on to Korry’s. The guy there was judgmental and arrogant. Took one look at me in my cutoff shorts and cutoff shirt, scowled at my tats and then sneered when I told him about the budget. It was soup nazi shiz in real life, only not funny. Bear in mind, these are the same vines I wore to Tom’s. I left the store and sat on a bench to make some phone calls. I could see the guy in the store. He was on the phone and kept looking my way. I stood up to go and looked directly at him. He turned away and looked down. Usually a gesture of shame. Funny that. I wonder if my carrying myself with dignity made him think twice. Or maybe he thought I had psychotic tendencies and might run back into the shop and go ape. WHO KNOWS?! Long story short, be yourself wherever you go. It allows you to connect with the good ones and perhaps allow those who need working on to think a little bit more about actions and attitude.

The End.

ps. Went back this eve to get the suit at The Bay. It’s sharp. The salescats there were good guys. I was honest, clear and friendly with them. We had some laughs. They were very different people from one another and took the piss out of each other in a very mild and, at the same time, hilarious way. I love it when the walls come down a little bit and folks seemingly so different from one another connect.

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