Settling back into the flow after being ill, again, for a long freakin’ time. Been a difficult year for the health. As it returns, I value it more than ever.  It’s caused so many delays in the creative stuff. Although the record and live biz has been on a slowburn, I’ve taken the time to pen some new tunes and work on the album art. Through it all, our wee bub has been a constant inspiration. She’s a little person now, and hilarious and, well, still teaching me all the time, as I expect she will for as long as we live. My Doula Babymama Superstar has also been amazing. She’s been so good to me, even when I act like a pecker. Woe unto to the partner of the moody artist, yet, with grace and a good Zen smackdown every now and again, she lifts me up. Bless the family. Bless the tunes. Bless the sufferers and the seekers. One Love…

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