Let’s Talk.

So it’s Let’s Talk Day. Here’s my story:
I’ve suffered through years of debilitating depression that started in my late teens. It was brought on by a combination of generational depression, sexual abuse at the hands of a caregiver when I was five and a home where anger often erupted (usually under the influence of alcohol), though was not usually discussed after the fact.
This led to addiction and years of substance abuse, which held me fast until I was in my early thirties. We often strive to live with no regrets. If I have any, it’s the staggering degree of energy I spent over the years wasted on drugs and booze, trying desperately to kill the pain.
Everything changed when Yoga came into my life. My practice birthed in me the courage to make the changes I for so long needed. And, of course, music has always been there to guide me. The Church of Sound inspiring me to dig ever deeper into our mystery. Years of therapy have also aided in recovery and continue to provide me with a great big toolbox to reach into when the black dogs of depression bay.
As well, I have an amazing family around me. A wonderful wife, a little girl who inspires me constantly to be a better man.
Depression still hits me hard, though not as hard, and not as often. With gratitude I embrace all the wonderful people and things in my life. I have so much to be thankful for and I know that so many of us are not so lucky as I.
If you need to talk, know that you can talk to me. If you want to share on this thread, please do. If you want to hit me up privately, please do. Please remember that we’re all fighting some kind of war, though working hard to not let it show.
I hope these words help you in some way, as writing them has helped me. I’d like to go out with a tune of mine. It’s called Lay It Down. Let’s keep talking about it…

LAY IT DOWN – https://app.box.com/s/98qgqe13rvvtdjhda5c458fw92hd08qw

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