Be My Mystery

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Be My Mystery is my summer love song for 2022, that I’m releasing in the fall of 2022, because I was too busy enjoying summer to sit at my laptop and organize a release in the actual summertime! I finished recording it back in the late winter/early spring. It’s a bit of a departure for me. I’m a romantic at heart, but, strangely, that rarely makes its way into my writing. At least not romantic love. I’ve always written about the more search-worthy aspects of life, and there’s enough tragic heroism in our day to day to fill more volumes of song than I could ever hope to pen in this lifetime. The thing I’m singing about here is the mm-mmm goodness of that feeling you get when romantic love is new, and you lean into the yearning for your flame and smoulder in the memory of your last embrace. When it’s on, there’s nothing like it. And, if you’re one of the lucky ones, the love and yearning remain, and grow deeper with the passage of time. Here’s to new love and love everlasting.

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Song Credits
Written, Composed, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Kelvin Wetherell
K: vox, acoustic guitar, les paul, bass, piano, drums
Mastered by Cory Blackburn
Album Art/Photo by K.