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I give thanks for the day that Yoga came into my life. It’s been an amazing ride and my practice continues to deepen. I give thanks to our teachers who brought it to the west. I express sadness at the way this beautiful system has been deranged and manipulated by confused people trying to make a living off of it and/or to stroke their little gurus. Mostly, I bow in gratitude to the lifelong friends the community has given me, my dear wife Adrienne among them. I make mention of Smok Yogi, Stephanie Campbell, Karusia Wroblewski, Alan Gensho Florence, Lauren Anastasi, Tasha Rooke, Janet Irvine and anyone else my tired brain may have forgotten. My memories of our experiences together mean so much to me. May we continue to grow, learn and experience. I love you all very much. Namaste…Tin Man Yoga