LID Project Logo 800 x 300Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Lay It Down project. The line is still open if you wish to offer up a wee bit on something you’ve let go of that has brought you closer to you. Please PM me if you’re interested in sending sump’n.

We’ll finish filming this week and will be dropping the video/single in a few weeks!!!

LID Project Logo 800 x 300I picked up the first pressing of the Jackknife Letters today. It looks and sounds amazing! Myself and the very talented Tessa Giffen are working on a video for the first single, Lay It Down, as we speak.
The Lay It Down project is a collaboration between artist and community.
As the title suggests, the song is about putting your burden to rest, whatever that may be.
If you’re down, please PM me with a 4-6 bit illustrating something you’re happy to have laid down, or would like to let go of. Anything that brings you closer to your authentic self.
Selections will appear in the final cut of the Lay It Down video. They will remain anonymous.
Love and Light,
K. xo

My new album, The Jackknife Letters (which I’ve referred to many times as The Record of a Thousand Miles, due to the great while it’s taken to finish and the Zen-like patience I’ve had to apply to the task at hand) is in the can!!! Official release date is TBA. I’ll hit you up very soon with the release date of the album, first single and video, Lay It Down.


1)JL Cover w text_tweak

So it’s Let’s Talk Day. Here’s my story:
I’ve suffered through years of debilitating depression that started in my late teens. It was brought on by a combination of generational depression, sexual abuse at the hands of a caregiver when I was five and a home where anger often erupted (usually under the influence of alcohol), though was not usually discussed after the fact.
This led to addiction and years of substance abuse, which held me fast until I was in my early thirties. We often strive to live with no regrets. If I have any, it’s the staggering degree of energy I spent over the years wasted on drugs and booze, trying desperately to kill the pain.
Everything changed when Yoga came into my life. My practice birthed in me the courage to make the changes I for so long needed. And, of course, music has always been there to guide me. The Church of Sound inspiring me to dig ever deeper into our mystery. Years of therapy have also aided in recovery and continue to provide me with a great big toolbox to reach into when the black dogs of depression bay.
As well, I have an amazing family around me. A wonderful wife, a little girl who inspires me constantly to be a better man.
Depression still hits me hard, though not as hard, and not as often. With gratitude I embrace all the wonderful people and things in my life. I have so much to be thankful for and I know that so many of us are not so lucky as I.
If you need to talk, know that you can talk to me. If you want to share on this thread, please do. If you want to hit me up privately, please do. Please remember that we’re all fighting some kind of war, though working hard to not let it show.
I hope these words help you in some way, as writing them has helped me. I’d like to go out with a tune of mine. It’s called Lay It Down. Let’s keep talking about it…


Since I started writing music, David Bowie has had a profound influence on me. Today I had planned to drop one of my new tracks for you to hear, but then I heard the news that David had moved on, or gone home, or did whatever it is we do when we shed this vessel. It felt inappropriate to post, as today we’re celebrating Mista Jones. I shared the song privately with a good friend, who inspired me to share it with you as a tribute to our love of music and to honour this great artist. Thanks, Hannah, for the gentle nudge.

As we’re all feeling a bit torn up, here it is…The Ragged Ones. It’s yours to download if you want to add it to your rotation.

Love and Light,

K. xo


Settling back into the flow after being ill, again, for a long freakin’ time. Been a difficult year for the health. As it returns, I value it more than ever.  It’s caused so many delays in the creative stuff. Although the record and live biz has been on a slowburn, I’ve taken the time to pen some new tunes and work on the album art. Through it all, our wee bub has been a constant inspiration. She’s a little person now, and hilarious and, well, still teaching me all the time, as I expect she will for as long as we live. My Doula Babymama Superstar has also been amazing. She’s been so good to me, even when I act like a pecker. Woe unto to the partner of the moody artist, yet, with grace and a good Zen smackdown every now and again, she lifts me up. Bless the family. Bless the tunes. Bless the sufferers and the seekers. One Love…

I was out all day suit shopping for a wedding next weekend. Started with ADub at 9:30 this morn. Found something decent at the Bay, but had to exhaust all possibilities. Wound up at a few places, Tom’s in Kensington and Korry’s on the Danforth being among them. These respective experiences were very different. John, the salescat at Tom’s was down to earth, respectful, looked me in the eye, was accommodating to my very tight budget annnnd found me a kickass suit without me even having to look around. Alas, it was a wee bit beyond the budget so I carried on to Korry’s. The guy there was judgmental and arrogant. Took one look at me in my cutoff shorts and cutoff shirt, scowled at my tats and then sneered when I told him about the budget. It was soup nazi shiz in real life, only not funny. Bear in mind, these are the same vines I wore to Tom’s. I left the store and sat on a bench to make some phone calls. I could see the guy in the store. He was on the phone and kept looking my way. I stood up to go and looked directly at him. He turned away and looked down. Usually a gesture of shame. Funny that. I wonder if my carrying myself with dignity made him think twice. Or maybe he thought I had psychotic tendencies and might run back into the shop and go ape. WHO KNOWS?! Long story short, be yourself wherever you go. It allows you to connect with the good ones and perhaps allow those who need working on to think a little bit more about actions and attitude.

The End.

ps. Went back this eve to get the suit at The Bay. It’s sharp. The salescats there were good guys. I was honest, clear and friendly with them. We had some laughs. They were very different people from one another and took the piss out of each other in a very mild and, at the same time, hilarious way. I love it when the walls come down a little bit and folks seemingly so different from one another connect.

Tales From The Happy Monkey

Flatline whispers
It’s quiet on the lake
Pull the plug
The grid flickers
Darkened down
Like the shadows
Beneath + between
Misty wisps
Dancing across
This fading light of day
Where tall trees
Eat the sun
The light devoured
As night sets in
A soul goes free
Now solace in the fade
No rage
No age
No cage
No stage
A simple return
To a kinder place