Dark Horse

Not to be confused with the tune by pop sensation Katy Perry, this is a song I wrote awhile back about depression and, not only our struggles with it, but the idea that those of us afflicted by it are often able to receive, create and transmit great beauty through artistic expression.

Rain beats down on the tattoo roof
Vines in the jungle and the tattoo roof
There’s a grey sky and a multitude
Of common strays watching with a different eye

My dear, can you see it?
It’s you and me
It’s a gift and a curse we’re carrying
Some might say that we’re broken
But the view from here, it’s wide open

Don’t you know you’re not alone

All those days you stayed in bed
All the thunder in your head
I’m here, I know what you’re going through
’cause I’ve been there, too
I heard you cry and I heard you say
Can I make it another day?
Go to work and dread the night
When the hammers come marching home

Don’t you know you’re not alone

I’ve been there before and if you can
I want you to know that I understand
It’s not just another day

Dark horse, dark night
Black dogs baying at the moon at midnight
They’re scratching at your door
They’re coming ’round for more
Dark horse, dark night
Little pill gonna make it alright
Your friends, they’re gonna make it alright
Yo’ Mama, she’s gonna make it alright
A little Love, it’s gonna make it alright
It’s gonna get you through the night

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