Tales From The Happy Monkey: A Collection of Poetics

Welcome to my growing collection of poetics, Tales From The Happy Monkey.

I Am Not Given

Jesus, when did this room get so small?
The walls have crept
My shoulders rub on either side
The man on the hill
Screaming into the night
I thought a stranger
With unending valleys
Cut down and across
I see is me
The scream is here
On my tongue
In my heart
Should I open my mouth to let it out?
It might not stop
The muted given unending voice
Will you try to reform
The ragged lines
Into soft shapes
Of what you call beautiful
At this meeting of roads
Where the wreckage spills it’s terror
Onto gawking passersby
I am not given to your mirth
But the truth that murmurs
Inside you by day
Wailing + ripping
When sleep won’t come
I am not given to your ease
Nor mine
I hear your voices
Pooled in the air
Telling tales of things
Lost + forgotten

I’ve come to remind you.



The show goes on
From dusk til dawn
The brand new day come rising

I feel the turn
+ soothe the burn
Of all this realizing

The dream it seems
Has swollen seams
Prolific in the drowning

I went to clear
The misty mirror
+ saw that I was frowning

Some brand new lines
From troubled times
Connected to the lifeline

The pictures
In the storybook
Reflections of a lifetime

Hot + cold
The tale that lives between

These legs
That carry moments through
The time that lives between

Seeing things
The red bell rings
The sound of the alarming

I reach down
Below the ground
+ settle the disarming

Sifting and the filter
Of the passion
+ the jive

The prospect
Of the project
Of people all alive

May we run
Around the sun
+ settle on the rising

Soothe the burn
Each in turn
Of all this realizing


Dark Horse
Rain beats down on the tattoo roof
Vines in the jungle and the tattoo roof
There’s a grey sky and a multitude
Of common strays watching with a different eye

My dear, can you see it?
It’s you and me
It’s a gift and a curse we’re carrying
Some might say that we’re broken
But the view from here, it’s wide open

Don’t you know you’re not alone

All those days you stayed in bed
All the thunder in your head
I’m here, I know what you’re going through
’cause I’ve been there, too
I heard you cry and I heard you say
Can I make it another day?
Go to work and dread the night
When the hammers come marching home

Don’t you know you’re not alone

I’ve been there before and if you can
I want you to know that I understand
It’s not just another day

Dark horse, dark night
Black dogs baying at the moon at midnight
They’re scratching at your door
They’re coming ’round for more
Dark horse, dark night
Little pill gonna make it alright
Your friends, they’re gonna make it alright
Yo’ Mama, she’s gonna make it alright
A little Love, it’s gonna make it alright
It’s gonna get you through the night



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