Looking out across these fields
I’ve been wondering ’bout our yield
Stone wall and a lonely tree
I was thinking of you and me

Stepped out on the winding road
With the footsteps that came before
So many ways to get back home
You know we all got our own

Where will we find ourselves?

I got a little bit lost along the way
I heard the whistle of a distant train
Little voice inside my head said
You gotta keep on going
I stumbled on a sacred place
The people there, they remembered grace
And she asked me – Can you stay for awhile? –
Then she smiled

Where will we find ourselves?
When will we know how far it goes?

I broke bread with the saints & thieves
The choir sand I Shall Be Released
I shall be released…

Flower bloomed among the mire
The warriors danced around the fire
We’ve been praying for better days
These are the days