Medicine Man

I woke up in a fever, fever
Lying on the floor
Must’ve been about a half past midnight
I went runnin’ right out my door

I drove out past the city limits
To see the medicine man
Out there on the bayou, bayou
Lived the medicine man
All alone in a mean old shack

He said I’ve been waiting, waiting
I been waiting on you
I heard you coming on down the line
I been waiting for you
And I know what’s goin’ down

But you gotta keep movin’ on
Or it’s all over

Now you’re a sensitive boy
And you feel the weight
Of flesh and bone for spirit’s sake
You’re just seeking some harmony
In a mixed up, shook up world
But there are troubled times on the road out there
I see blind men driving everywhere
Runnin’ reds and rollin’ around
Knockin’ ’em down all over town , oh no
All over town

But you gotta keep keepin’ on
Or it’s all over

Now some they want the money
Some they want the fame
Some they go on sleepin’
Even in the day
But there are those who hold the treasure
Those who hold the spark
Those who go on shinin’, shinin’
Even in, even in the dark
They go shinin’ on
So shine on

We sat together through the night
Broke the dawn and passed the pipe
Just me and the medicine man
With daylight comin’ on
He said “There’s one more thing before you go.
A little something that you all should know:
We’re a single heart and a single tribe

May we all keep shinin’ on
May we all keep shinin’ on
May we all keep, may we all keep
May we all keep shinin’ on