I saw your painting on the wall, Mr. Rubens
It was in another hall, Mr. Rubens
The babies still were dying
The mothers all were crying
The people passing by
Were seeing they were sighing

It was down in London Town when we first met
How was I to know we’d be lifelong friends
Many moments wander by
Blink ten years has rolled on by
The crush of the adventure
Milestones and Mr. Rubens

I watched them hunting down the Christ
The men with the gold and the big bad knives
Though the mad king, he never found the child
This ain’t no place for the meek and mild
The word is lost on the empty and cross
We hustle and run for the ghost and the boss
There’s a creeping crawl of the sleeping sprawl
Where stories of a saviour fade away

I heard a tune from across the pond, Mr. Rubens
Dead in my tracks.