My new album, The Jackknife Letters (which I’ve referred to many times as The Record of a Thousand Miles, due to the great while it’s taken to finish and the Zen-like patience I’ve had to apply to the task at hand) is in the can!!! Official release date is TBA. I’ll hit you up very soon with the release date of the album, first single and video, Lay It Down.


1)JL Cover w text_tweak

Tales From The Happy Monkey

Flatline whispers
It’s quiet on the lake
Pull the plug
The grid flickers
Darkened down
Like the shadows
Beneath + between
Misty wisps
Dancing across
This fading light of day
Where tall trees
Eat the sun
The light devoured
As night sets in
A soul goes free
Now solace in the fade
No rage
No age
No cage
No stage
A simple return
To a kinder place

After a welcome delay to compose my submission for the CBC Poetry dealio, here is O2, the second piece from Tales From The Happy Monkey.


The show goes on
From dusk til dawn
The brand new day come rising

I feel the turn
+ soothe the burn
Of all this realizing

The dream it seems
Has swollen seams
Prolific in the drowning

I went to clear
The misty mirror
+ saw that I was frowning

Some brand new lines
From troubled times
Connected to the lifeline

The pictures
In the storybook
Reflections of a lifetime

Hot + cold
The tale that lives between

These legs
That carry moments through
The time that lives between

Seeing things
The red bell rings
The sound of the alarming

I reach down
Below the ground
+ settle the disarming

Sifting and the filter
Of the passion
+ the jive

The prospect
Of the project
Of people all alive

May we run
Around the sun
+ settle on the rising

Soothe the burn
Each in turn
Of all this realizing