My new album, The Jackknife Letters (which I’ve referred to many times as The Record of a Thousand Miles, due to the great while it’s taken to finish and the Zen-like patience I’ve had to apply to the task at hand) is in the can!!! Official release date is TBA. I’ll hit you up very soon with the release date of the album, first single and video, Lay It Down.


1)JL Cover w text_tweak

Banner day yesterday. On Thursday night a complete guitar arrangement with melodic structure came tumbling out almost fully formed. Writers out there will appreciate this confluence of awesome. Sat down at the local yesterday morning, composed lyrics. Went to the park, wrote the words for another, the home for grub and a third set of ink laid down for a third tune. Went to bed with that sense of rewarded exhaustion only a honest day’s work provides.
CJR Lyric (CD FaceBed)