Lay It Down

LAY IT DOWN – The Story Behind the Video, as told by Kelvin Wetherell

Lay It Down is the first single off of my latest album, The Jackknife Letters. The tune is about putting your burden to rest, whatever that may be.

To tell the song’s story, I created “The Lay It Down Project”, which was a collaboration between artist and community.

I asked folks in my neighbourhood to contribute a short, written entry illustrating something they’re happy to have laid down, or would like to let go of. I left notebooks at some of our local cafes for them to do so.

The response was amazing. People, over the purchase of their coffee or lunch, had the courage to put down in ink some of their deepest victories, shames, fears and inspirations.

We compiled and cut the most compelling into the Lay It Down video. These quotes really brought home the feeling of the song and what I had intended as its creator.

Thanks to the warriors who participated in the project. Thanks to Tessa for making the magic happen behind the camera. I hope all of you out there watching dig the video.



The performance portion of the Lay It Down video was filmed at Kelvin’s home studio in Toronto, and took only an hour and a half from start to finish. Captured by local filmmaker Tessa Giffen, it was originally meant to be a test shoot but worked so well that it was completed then and there. The written clips of the video were provided by Kelvin himself, and filmed separately.