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Greetings from the Soulful Southland. Bruce “Father Groove” Dees here. I had the opportunity to play guitar on an amazingly interesting, musically terrific album recently by Canadian artist Kelvin Wetherell. From Beatles to Zep heads there’s musicality to go around and something for everybody on this record. A real pleasure for a guitar player for sure. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

-Bruce Dees, Guitar Man/Producer (James Brown, Chet Atkins)


Deep lyrics and a deeper groove. K. makes a powerful musical statement that resonates and communicates on every level.

– John Capek, Songwriter (Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt)


I asked Kelvin to accompany my Full Moon Yoga classes because he’s a talented musician who is very in tune with people.  He is a yogi and a meditator, so he understands the practice we are doing and plays to it beautifully.  His music is a rhythm with the room; he creates a musical space in which people feel like they can explore movement.  The participants are so appreciative of Kelvin’s singing and guitar playing.  He has a magic and a kindness that make you feel present, grounded and understood.  Kelvin plays and sings one very last song in savasana and when that song is over, there is a quiet peace. It feels like a beautiful wide open space that is palpable and very memorable.

-Lauren Anastasi, Yoga Teacher/Co-owner of Mobile Yoga


Kelvin Wetherell is a multi-talented, homegrown musician and singer/songwriter. His songs come from a deep and thoughtful place inside and they tell great stories, as well as evoke tender moods and feelings.  I’ve known and worked with Kelvin for some years now, and his big heart spills over into everything he does and into everyone he meets! Please give his music a listen, it will enrich your day.

-Karusia Wroblewski, Yoga Therapist/Educator


What an incredible voice! Kelvin is a stunningly powerful singer who fearlessly transcends genre with lyrical edge and hauntingly evocative melodies. This is a performer who cuts through the tepid crap out there and delivers heart and soul from the first note.

-Priya Khajuria, Lead singer of Peace of Night and author of the Bollywood P.I. series



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