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Kelvin’s songs explore life in all its battered glory.

His poetic, image-rich lyrics riff on self-awareness and our commonality in a world distracted. Coupled with music borne of a love for roots, blues, rock, reggae and old school R&B, the groove that accompanies the message is deep and wide.

“Raw,” “soulful,” and “beautiful” are the words most often used to describe his sound. His voice is timeless, inspired by such greats as Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash. His guitar style is a unique mix of finger picking and percussive, tribal elements.

Kelvin’s music has taken him to Nashville, where he cut his teeth with some top shelf producers and players. He’s toured through Europe, across the Great White North, and back. As a result, people all over the world are tuned into his songs.

But Toronto is where he hangs his hat, and he brings his unique sound to local venues throughout the city he calls home. Any opportunity to share his musical stories with an audience is welcomed, both at home and out on the road.

2019 sees Kelvin releasing and performing his latest work, a return to his acoustic roots. Check out his newly launched Patreon campaign if you’d like to support him and his music. Leaving the traditional album cycle behind, he will release a new track each month. Each recording will be live off the floor. As the campaign grows, with your support, so will the creations.

Kelvin’s energy is also devoted to being Papa to a tiny human and the practice of yoga.

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